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Millennium Partners Consulting or “Millennium Partners” has an excellent record implementing multi-sector projects and achieving long lasting solutions around the globe. Together with its partners, Millennium offers over 20 years of experience in the areas of democratic strengthening, rule of law, and economic growth.

Our Approach

Millennium Partners has a proven record of delivering rapid and effective assistance in close cooperation with host country governments and local stakeholders to promote lasting reforms. Our philosophy is to empower local staff and the communities they serve to carry out the work of reform and development. Millennium Partners’ core principle is to promote country ownership and build capacity so that after we leave the work continues and the achievements are sustained.

Our Projects

Showcase 1

Feteh Justice Activity in Ethiopia

This four year $25 million rule of law project known as the  Feteh (Justice) Activity provides flexible, rapid response technical assistance to Ethiopia’s Attorney General’s Office (AGO), the Federal Supreme Court, and related government institutions involved in the legal and judicial reform process. 
Activities include modernizing the court system, drafting laws, training judges and other government personnel, and working with an array of civil society groups to ensure reforms meet Ethiopia’s democratic and human rights aspirations.

Showcase 2

Moldova Open Justice Project

This three-year project developed an advanced ICMS that connects judicial and other government entities, enhances judicial efficiencies and transparency, and produces sophisticated performance measurements and reports that promote system-wide accountability and public access.
Open Justice developed objective, reliable, and transparent Judicial Performance Indicators, using readily available information incorporated into the ICMS. Further, it facilitated the institutionalization of judicial performance oversight by refining the Law on the Disciplinary Liability of Judges and building the capacity of the Judicial Ethics Commission and Judicial Inspection Board.

Showcase 3

E-Governance Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina

USAID awarded Millennium Partners the e-Governance Activity in February 2020. This is a $10.3 million, five-year contract to increase the transparency of government processes and decrease the risks of corruption using state-of-the-art information technology (IT) solutions, effective oversight bodies, and external checks, such as citizen watchdog groups.

Work With Us

We maintain a database of international consultants that we use to fill short- and long-term international assignments. Millennium is always looking for talented professionals to join its efforts to help countries build resilient, prosperous and just societies.  


Millennium Partners’ VP Cristina Malai Turturica Presents on Moldova’s DigitalTransformation Journey

On September 14th, the Rotary Club Chisinau Cosmopolitan welcomed Millennium Partners’ Vice President for Technical Direction and Business Development, Cristina Malai Turturica, to the stage for a captivating presentation on Moldova’s Digital Transformation journey VP Malai Tururica provided valuable insights into Moldova’s 2023-2030 Digitalization Strategy, shedding light on the strategic objectives aimed at advancing the…

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Millennium Partners Consulting Honored with 2022 Small Business of the Year Award by USAID/OSDBU

Millennium Partners Consulting is delighted to announce its recent recognition as the 2022 Small Business of the Year Award by the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU). The award underscores Millennium Partners’ commitment to delivering creative and innovative solutions across a diverse range of USAID projects…

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Streamlining e-Construction Permitting in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The current process for obtaining construction permits in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) can take up to 350 days and involves complex procedures, extensive documentation, and multiple approvals from different institutions. Sometimes it is necessary to obtain up to 30 documents from different public institutions. All this can cause additional costs and delays…

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The Powerful Role Women Play in Transitional Justice

During times of conflict, women are disproportionately affected, and often the victims of gender-based violence, lacking basic access to justice. Yet at the same time, women are often at the forefront of human rights movements, demanding change. When women are given a voice and influence, all of society benefits—not just women. Women’s role in conflict…

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