Benin Compact Access to Justice (A2J) Project Performance Evaluation for MCC

Millennium Partners conducted  a performance evaluation for the Millennium Challenge Corporations’s  Access to Justice (A2J)project in Benin. The A2J Project was implemented by the Millennium Challenge Account-Benin (MCA-Benin) from October 6, 2006 to October 5, 2011 and was originally budgeted to expend $34.3 million. Total expenditures were $19.3 million. MCC commissioned this evaluation of the A2J Project to provide an objective assessment of its performance. The Millennium Partners’ evaluation team examined whether the A2J Project’s activities were fully or partially executed; whether the outcomes were fully or partially achieved; and whether the results were sustainable. Through tis evaluation Millennium Partners was able to identify lessons learned and areas that could have benefited from additional attention. Data collection methodologies included document review, key informant interviews, site visits, and targeted surveys.