Access to Justice In Moldova

The Access to Justice Project (ATJ) is a four-year Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) project being implemented by Millennium, with DPI, that aims to improve access to justice for Moldovans, especially the most vulnerable members of society who are marginalized and excluded. in The program is implementing activities throughout Moldova to raise awareness of rights and legal services working through an array of legal aid non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In 2020, ATJ created an umbrella organization “Healthy Justice” that brings together media, NGOs, legal and paralegal associations, and other groups to enhance awareness and impact of efforts being made to increase the availability of legal services.

The Project targets those areas of Moldova where the public’s awareness of their rights is lowest and the capacity to provide legal aid is weakest. The project is also working with counterparts to promote legislative changes and policy reform to expand legal aid and provide alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to meet the justice needs of all Moldovans.

To see some of the work ATJ is doing go HERE

ATJ grantee, Roma National Center, providing legal assistance to a Roma family