Performance evaluation of USAID’s Tunisian American Enterprise Fund (TAEF)

Tunisian American Enterprise Fund Evaluation (2017-2018):

Under a subcontract with Banyan Global, Millennium Partners conducted an  evaluation of the Tunisian American Enterprise Fund (TAEF). The objective of this task order was to provide USAID/Washington with a full, evidence-based, and independent early implementation evaluation of the first three and a half years of TAEF. The three-person evaluation team applied a mixed-methods approach, drawing on qualitative and quantitative data to inform the evaluation of TAEF. This approach allowed the evaluation team to describe and assess the foundations that TAEF had established to date to successfully achieve its legislative and grant agreement purpose of developing the Tunisian private sector. The inclusion of qualitative methods in the evaluation design enabled the team to improve its understanding of the initial steps toward success and the perceptions of TAEF across the areas of governance, operations, private-sector engagement, and investment strategy. Additionally, the TAEF evaluation was gender sensitive, locally nuanced, and grounded in best practices in research. The evaluation drew upon qualitative and quantitative data gathered from electronic surveys, KIIs, focus group discussions, and site visits to inform the EQs. Millennium also identified areas in which TAEF could build upon its existing foundations to strengthen performance and potential impact.