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Evaluation and Assessments

Millennium Partners has conducted numerous evaluations and assessments in Eastern and Central Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia for the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and USAID. Millennium Partners also has conducted multi-country evaluations for USAID, most recently in Eastern and Central Europe, and Tunisia. Our services also include country and sector assessments and survey research.

Tunisian American Enterprise Fund Evaluation (2017-2018):
Under a subcontract with Banyan Global, Millennium Partners conducted an  evaluation of the Tunisian American Enterprise Fund (TAEF). The objective of this task order was to provide USAID/Washington with a full, evidence-based, and independent early implementation evaluation of the first three and a half years of TAEF. The three-person evaluation team applied a mixed-methods approach, drawing on qualitative and quantitative data to inform the evaluation of TAEF. This approach allowed the evaluation team to describe and assess the foundations that TAEF had established to date to successfully achieve its legislative and grant agreement purpose of developing the Tunisian private sector. The inclusion of qualitative methods in the evaluation design enabled the team to improve its understanding of the initial steps toward success and the perceptions of TAEF across the areas of governance, operations, private-sector engagement, and investment strategy. Additionally, the TAEF evaluation was gender sensitive, locally nuanced, and grounded in best practices in research. The evaluation drew upon qualitative and quantitative data gathered from electronic surveys, KIIs, focus group discussions, and site visits to inform the EQs. Millennium also identified areas in which TAEF could build upon its existing foundations to strengthen performance and potential impact.

Eastern Europe Enterprise Fund and Foundations Evaluation (2016-2017):
Millennium Partners was a subcontractor to DevTech Systems for an Enterprise Fund Legacy Foundations Evaluation for USAID. Millennium Partners provided two key personnel who focused on the evaluation of the enterprise funds and the corporate governance of the funds and legacy foundations created by the funds. The evaluation examined the USAID-established Enterprise Funds in Albania, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Central Asia, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine. The evaluation also examined the legacy foundations created by some of these funds in Albania, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Central Asia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Russia. The overall purpose of the evaluation was to provide USAID and other stakeholders, including the American public, with an account of the experience, successes, shortcomings, and accomplishments of the Enterprise Funds and Legacy Foundations. The evaluation also aimed to assess the effectiveness of the Enterprise Funds and Legacy Foundations as development tools in practice, in particular, as a means to promote economic growth through small and medium enterprise development, and to make recommendations for adaptations, should policy makers consider using these mechanisms in other settings in the future.

Benin Access to Justice Evaluation (2014-2016):
Millennium Partners was awarded this task order under it Millennium Challenge Corporation Blanket Purchase Agreement for compact and Threshold development to evaluate a component of the Benin I compact Access to Justice (A2J) Project (2006–2011). The A2J Project included three activity areas (alternative dispute resolution, business registration, and courts) that were mutually reinforcing to achieve the overall objective of improving the ability of the justice system to enforce contracts and reconcile claims. The evaluation employed document review, key informant interviews, site visits, and surveys throughout Benin to provide an objective assessment of the performance of the A2J Project. 

Azerbaijan Access to Justice and Legal Education Assessment:
This BRDG IQC task order was awarded in 2011to Millennium Partners to undertake an assessment of legal aid (access to justice) and legal education to inform future USAID programming with local organizations in these two rule of law areas. Over a two month period Millennium Partners undertook on the ground interviews and gathered information from local institutions, other donors and international NGOs and USAID funded projects implementing access to justice and legal education programs and drafted a final assessment report for USAID/Azerbaijan.

Bangladesh Two Program Evaluations and a Rule of Law Assessment
This task order under the BRDG IQC was awarded in 2010 to Millennium Partners for the following purposes: A rule of law assessment of to inform future USAID/Bangladesh rule of law programming, and Two program evaluations of USAID funded programs ending in 2011. These programs included the PROGATI anti-corruption project implemented by DAI, and the Leaders of Influence project implemented by the Asia Foundation. The purpose was to gauge the impact of both programs and provide best practices and lessons learned to inform possible future USAID Bangladesh future programs.

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Data Quality Reviews and Economic Analysis

Millennium Partners has conducted evaluations, surveys, and data quality reviews for MCC in Benin, Liberia, and Sri Lanka. Millennium Partners conducted an analysis of the Millennium Challenge Account-Liberia monitoring and evaluation system, including assessing the program logics; assessing selected performance indicators; assessing the existing data collection procedures, instruments, and documentation; assessing the capacity of relevant staff; and providing recommendations for improvements in data collection, monitoring and evaluation.

Liberia Energy and Roads Data Quality Review (2016-2017)
Millennium Partners conducted a Data Quality Review (DQR) for the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) of the energy and transport indicators in the Millennium Challenge Account-Liberia (MCA-L) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan for the Compact. Millennium Partners DQR team undertook an in- depth analysis of the MCA-L M&E system, including: assessing the program logics; assessing selected performance indicators; assessing the existing data collection procedures, instruments, and documentation; assessing the capacity of relevant staff to collect and analyze data; and providing recommendations for improvement. 

Sri Lanka Land and Transport Economic Analysis (2017-2018):
Millennium Partners undertook an economic analysis task order for the MCC to support the implementation of a $400+ million compact with Sri Lanka focused on land and transportation. Working with the Economic Analysis Division of the Department for Policy and Evaluation at MCC, Millennium designed and implemented three surveys of firms and households in Sri Lanka and analyzed the constraints to economic growth arising from poor roads and transportation as well as land management issues.  These constraints were found to impede the flow of commerce and discourage badly needed investment that could lead to economic growth.