Justice Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Justice Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina was a $9.4 million USAID funded project implemented by Millennium Partners with DPI in partnership with National Center for State Courts. The project closed September 2019.

The overall purpose of the activity was to help justice sector institutions in BiH effectively combat government corruption and prosecute economic, organized, and other serious crime cases. At the same time, the JA aimed at increasing public confidence in the judiciary by strengthening the integrity, accountability, and transparency of the justice system.

The JA’s goal from the outset was to partner with key national stakeholders to secure local buy-in for its activities and long-term sustainability for implemented solutions. From the beginning, the JA coordinated its activities with the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC), its relevant Strategic Bodies, and the Secretariat, built partnerships with all BiH Prosecutor Offices, and cooperated closely with judicial and prosecutorial training centers, NGOs, Ministry of Justices, and other international donors, particularly the EU, with the aim of achieving the four objectives listed above.

Adnan Tulić, a prosecutor from the prosecutor’s office in Bihać, completed two years of specialized training to fight corruption and organized crime through the USAID Justice Activity.

Specific activities that the JA implemented with national partners include: developing in-depth diagnostic assessments of key issues related to the JA’s scope of work (a total of 10 assessments were produced); conducting individual assistance and partnership programs with each of the 19 Prosecutor Offices; and working with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel and relevant HJPC Standing Committees and working groups to improve disciplinary proceedings, ethical standards, and integrity within the judiciary.