Democracy and Governance

Millennium Partners has been working on Democracy and Governance programs for over 25 years. We help countries strengthen their governance institutions to be better at delivering services to their people, and promote inclusive, accountable institutions and a robust civil society. These in turn uphold human rights, justice and the rule of law, and promote public participation in social and political processes.

Millennium Partners’ Democracy and Governance Projects currently include: 

Feteh Justice Activity in Ethiopia

Millennium is providing flexible, rapid response technical assistance to the Ethiopian government to build its institutional capacity to deliver on promised reforms and laws using a process that promotes public discourse and participation the reform process. Millennium also works with an array of civil society organizations and media to ensure broad public input in the democratic reform process while assisting these groups to be more effective at influencing policy and the legislative process.

Access to Justice in Moldova

The Access to Justice Project (ATJ) is a four-year Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) project that aims to improve access to justice for Moldovans, especially the most vulnerable members of society who are marginalized and excluded.

E-Governance Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Millennium is working to strengthen and modernize government systems to reduce opportunities for corruption and improve their ability to deliver services efficiently and transparently. 

North Macedonia Strengthening Resource Mobilization (SRMA) 

Millennium is working with Cardno International to build local government capacity in North Macedonia. Specifically, the project focuses on the public financial management capacity of North Macedonia’s Local Government Units (LGUs) to increase their own-source resources, access external funds, and enhance their budget execution rate in compliance with central government requirements.

Recent Projects Implemented by Millennium Partners

Open Justice Project in Moldova
Justice System Strengthening Project in Kosovo
Justice Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Civil Society Initiatives to Promote the Rule of Law in Sri Lanka (CSI.ROL)