Liberia Data Quality Review for the MCC

From August 2016-February 2017 Millennium Partners conducted a Data Quality Review (DQR) for the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) of the energy and transport indicators in the Millennium Challenge Account-Liberia (MCA-L) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan for the Compact.  Millennium Partners DQR team undertook an in-depth analysis of the MCA-L M&E system, including: assessing the program logics; assessing selected performance indicators; assessing the existing data collection procedures, instruments, and documentation; assessing the capacity of relevant staff to collect and analyze data; and providing recommendations for improvement. The DQR involved extensive to stakeholder interviews  within key Implementing Entities in the energy and transport sectors and other stakeholders to  discuss how data is captured and reported. The DQR Team also assessed current performance monitoring and reporting capacity and needs as they pertained to the DQR target indicators. Following the key informant interviews and prior to departure from Liberia, the DQR Team held a Post Data Collection Stakeholder Workshop to discuss initial findings. The DQR Team developed Performance Indicator Reference Sheets (PIRS) as a key deliverable to assess current data collection, quality, and processes. The team also developed a “snapshot” of data quality that examined several aspects of data quality using a stoplight rating scale.