Gender Equality & Social Inclusion

To build more equitable societies by assisting women through education, skills training, legal aid, land titles and business registration.

Millennium DPI has learned through experience that when women own property and have improved opportunities for education and work, gender discrimination and gender based violence decreases.  Millennium partner DPI has taken the lead in a number of rule of law programs to tackle tough gender based violence and other gender issues. In South Africa DPI provided technical assistance and training for prosecutors, police and others on how to conduct prosecutor guided investigations in sex offense cases including rape.  The project also engaged and trained civil society on how to interact with young men to create positive male role models that would influence youth to reduce GBV in South Africa.


Provided  training and programs to foster greater participation of women in their communities. Through our efforts, women gained a greater role and voice in citizen participation programs, Trafficking in Persons (TIPs) workshops, and  laws affecting their lives, such as the Maternal Law.


Addressed land access issues affecting women; increased opportunities for enterprise formation by reducing barriers to business registration.