Feteh (Justice) Activity in Ethiopia Extended

In 2020, the Feteh Activity in Ethiopia which was awarded to Millennium and DPI in early 2019 was extended an additional two and a half years. Feteh will continue to support the Ethiopian legal and justice reform process by providing technical assistance to select institutions, including Federal and Regional AGOs; Federal and Regional Supreme Courts; the House of People’s Representatives (HOPR); constitutionally mandated Democratic and Human Rights Institutions, such as the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, the Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman, and the Public Defender’s Office; and legal and academic institutions. Regional institutions receiving support will be selected in consultation with USAID and the Government of Ethiopia (GOE). Feteh will also provide grants to civil society organizations (CSOs) and media organizations to strengthen their ability to consult and engage the public in Ethiopia’s ongoing legal and judicial reform processes.

President of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia, Meaza Ashenafi discussing reforms for the court system in Ethiopia