One of the biggest challenges to reducing poverty and creating wealth is in expanding the trade and investment capacity of the poorest countries.  Trade and investment are powerful engines of growth and the surest way to reduce poverty. Obstacles to trade and growth are greatest in countries where access to transportation and investment capital are limited and where demand is too weak to support rapid expansion of production, jobs and capital. During the last ten years, Millennium Partners has been involved in this important debate, advising and consulting on trade and investment policy for the US government.

Foreign Aid and the National Interest: Dr. Hannon prepared a Globalization background paper together with Brian Hannon for USAID Administrator Andrew Natsios. The report focused on the impact of globalization on developing and transition countries and potential strategies for USAID and the US government to support the integration of these countries into the global economy. Click here for more information.

In the areas of trade policy and greater market access the authors put forward a new typology of slowly integrating, non-integrating and integrating countries in terms of their level of globalization. The authors recommended linking the market access programs of the US Government with foreign aid technical assistance especially to promote subcontracting and foreign direct investment in the textile and apparel sector to take advantage of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Program (AGOA).

This engagement was performed under a subcontract with Price WaterhouseCoopers under its IQC contract with USAID’s Policy Bureau.