Streamlining e-Construction Permitting in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The current process for obtaining construction permits in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) can take up to 350 days and involves complex procedures, extensive documentation, and multiple approvals from different institutions. Sometimes it is necessary to obtain up to 30 documents from different public institutions. All this can cause additional costs and delays for applicants: citizens and investors.

USAID’s E-Governance Activity is introducing the e-Construction Permits System to streamline the process of issuing construction permits, making it more efficient, transparent, and accountable.

With the new system, citizens and businesses can easily submit a request for construction permits, upload supporting documentation, and track the application’s progress in real-time. Electronic signing of documents is also enabled using e-signature certificates issued by ‘Certifying Authorities’ in BiH.  For institutions, the system provides a centralized platform for faster and easier permit issuance.  It ensures a clear procedure, defines responsibilities, and enables obtaining electronic approvals from other public and utility companies.  

To implement the e-Construction Permits System, USAID’s E-Governance Activity has collaborated with government counterparts on drafting amendments to the relevant Laws on Spatial Planning in the FBiH, Zenica-Doboj Canton, and Sarajevo Canton. Government representatives bear a crucial role and responsibility; therefore, the adoption of the above-mentioned amendments is essential and expected.

Learn more and watch highlights from USAID’s E-Governance Activity’s e-Construction Permits System event here.