How e-signature is Advancing Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Digital Transformation

E-Signature is one of the most transformative digital solutions on the verge of being implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina today.

Currently, BiH citizens must wait in line to get birth and marriage certificates, change their driver’s licenses, and extend car registrations at government offices. In some cases, BiH citizens must travel to another city to obtain documents. Businesses continue to waste resources by issuing contracts, public tenders, and payments in hard copies. Moreover, using e-Signature in practice would enable a more efficient and productive economy by reducing transaction costs and time across various sectors while modernizing many government services to citizens and businesses.

Given the importance of e-Signature in advancing digital transformation for both the public and private sectors and improving the quality of services delivered to its users, adopting a supportive policy and legal framework should be a priority for all concerned.

Millennium Partners is currently implementing a $10.9 million e-governance project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). This project has made major advances in the process of digitalizing government processes despite a challenging and complex political environment. Millennium developed new software solutions to improve horizontal and vertical interoperability among different levels of government while increasing transparency and accountability.

The project’s successful efforts to establish digital solutions, such as the use of e-signatures, will facilitate secure transactions that save time and money for citizens, businesses, and the government.

Millennium firmly believes that e-governance works best when the public is involved. Millennium’s E-Governance Activity is anchored by a strong civil society and private sector role. Citizens are being trained to monitor and report on public procurement processes, and businesses now have online access to streamlined and transparent issuance of crucial construction permits and other services that spur economic growth and investment.