How Digitilization is Transforming Moldovan Courts

Millennium’s Access to Justice project has made rights awareness a keystone of its work, producing a variety of media, including a dynamic podcast series, CuDREPTul, which spotlights the individual stories and the different ways in which justice is upheld and improved in Moldova.
In its most recent episode, Episode 21, ATJ speaks with Moldova’s Deputy Director of the Agency for Courts Administration, Petru Vîrlan, about the integral role digitalization plays in improving Moldova’s judicial systems.

“In the coming years, the Ministry of Justice will prioritize technology, recognizing that it can transform the judicial system into a more efficient system that is accessible for all citizens and one that is equipped to facilitate justice accordingly,” said Vîrlan. “In the courts, the process of digitalization has already begun. At first, it was scrutinized and met with much resistance, but now Moldovan judges cannot imagine conducting court activity without the support of digital technologies.”
Vîrlan points out that in the next three years, there will be an increasing focus on digital technologies with the goal of improving the public’s trust in the judicial process by creating accessible and efficient processes for all citizens, including Moldova’s most vulnerable.

To learn more, please visit ATJ’s podcast channel, CuDREPTul: Episode 21.