Access to Justice Moldova Project Results

Since its inception in 2019, Millennium’s Access to Justice in Moldova Project (ATJ) has significantly improved the quality of justice for all Moldovan citizens, especially the most vulnerable. The project ends amidst an unprecedented economic, political, and humanitarian crisis primarily generated by the Russian invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

Despite these challenges, ATJ has continued its work, extending legal assistance to Moldovan citizens, from the disabled and marginalized to refugee women and children from Ukraine.

The Access to Justice in Moldova Project Results video demonstrates the range and quality of the project and its many achievements.

“For three and a half years, the Access to Justice Project in Moldova brought justice closer to the ordinary person”, said Olivia Pîrțac-Goagă, ATJ Chief of Party.

The Minister of Justice, Veronica Moraru-Mihailov, also discussed the pivotal role ATJ has played in delivering justice in Moldova.

“We really appreciate the fact that the objectives of this project were focused on strengthening the capacities of the institutions that have a special role in ensuring access to justice,” said Moraru-Mihailov.

In addition, four media institutions, six non-governmental organizations, and other partners working in the field of justice played a key role in ATJ’s success. Below are some of the results they achieved together with the support of the ATJ project.

  • Over a million people were informed about human rights and ways to defend them through National Campaign for Healthy Justice.
  • More than three thousand people from marginalized or poor communities received free legal assistance. Almost every second person used the received information to defend their rights in the justice system.
  • 31 proposals for legislative changes and 12 advocacy campaigns for improving access to justice were addressed to the authorities. Priority was given to state-guaranteed mediation, digitization of the judicial act, and accessibility of courts for people with disabilities.
  • Almost 2000 professionals — lawyers, paralegals, and mediators — improved their knowledge and skills from training conducted by the Access to Justice project.

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