Rapid Political Economy Analysis for North Macedonia Project

Millennium Partners’ member Malcolm Russell-Einhorn recently completed an applied political economy analysis (PEA) in support of work being done in North Macedonia for the USAID Strengthening Revenue Mobilization Activity (SRMA) being implemented by Cardno Emerging Markets, now DT Global. Millennium is a subcontractor to Cardno. 

The purpose of the PEA is to help inform the implementation of SRMA. This means “helping frame project execution against the backdrop of the country’s political, economic, and social dynamics to ensure that its work is politically aware, pragmatic, oriented around ‘best fit’ considerations, and amenable to iterative cycles of planning, action, reflection and adaptation based on ongoing project learning.” For SRMA, the PEA serves as a reference document and helps raise questions at the sectoral and issue-level about institutions, power dynamics, and incentives that may or may not be aligned with general reform efforts. This way, problems can be identified, debated, and refined by the project and various domestic actors in a way that permits evidence-based adjustments and more realistic appraisals of what is possible.

You can read the full report here: