Justice Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In September, 2014 Millennium DPI was awarded the Justice Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This $9.4 million USAID funded project is being implemented in partnership with National Center for State Courts and Lucid Linx.  Millennium DPI has assembled a team of highly experienced and skilled legal experts to strengthen the capacity of prosecutors to investigate and prosecute corruption, and strengthen justice sector institutions such as the Office of Disciplinary Counsel to uphold ethical standards and combat corruption.   The implementation of the Justice Activity is being led by highly capable Bosnian nationals working closely with their government counterparts such as the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HJPC), ministries of justice and the courts.

Specific activities include partnership programs with 15 Prosecutor Offices to build their capacity and investigative expertise, providing individual assistance to each office. The JA also is working with the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel (ODC) to enhance ethical standards and integrity, and preparing in-depth diagnostic assessments of key issues. These activities are led by a project team of national legal experts with in‑depth knowledge of the BiH judicial system. This local team is supported by a wide range of international and national experts.