Feteh Justice Activity in Ethiopia

This four year $25 million rule of law project known as the  Feteh (Justice) Activity is designed to provide flexible, rapid response technical assistance to Ethiopia’s Attorney General’s Office (AGO), FSCE, and related government institutions involved in the legal and judicial reform process. Feteh also works closely with a host of civil society organizations (CSOs) and the media to ensure public input on democratic reforms and to improve citizen engagement and public consultation on proposed changes to the country’s legal and judicial framework. 

Feteh’s primary objectives are to:

1.     Build the capacity of the AGO, its Advisory Council and legal drafting sub-committees, the FSCE, and other ROL actors to adopt and implement legal and judicial reforms consistent with international human rights norms and the aspirations of the Ethiopian people.

2.     Support the ability of CSOs and the media to engage the AGO and the FSCE on legal and judicial reforms.

3.     Support appropriate committees in the Parliament to ensure they gain sufficient capacity and know-how to approve the adoption of the legal reforms.

4.     Support the FSCE to improve Ethiopia’s court management system.