We believe in the value of collaboration to enhance capability, increase knowledge and most importantly, to involve local stakeholders who can guide us in carrying out projects in their communities to achieve maximum impact and lasting solutions.

In 2005, under USAID’s Buidling Recovery and Reform Through Democratic Governance (BRDG,) we created a diverse and talented consortium of experts in multiple sectors including policy reform, government administration, civil society, infrastructure, health, education, economic development, information and communications technology, and security. This diverse team allows Millennium-Partners to develop flexible and targeted programs that are highly effective and sensitive to the country’s particular culture and history.

Members of this unique consortium have state of the art expertise, as well as project experience in all parts of the world.

BAE Systems Technology

Our most recent partner under the BRDG IQC, BAE is a leading global defense and security contractor with strong social sciences and IT capabilities. BAE brings to our projects an understanding of the broader social, economic, and political factors critical to fostering lasting stability and democracy in fragile and transformational states. BAE is one of the top ten providers of IT to the government.


Working with NGOs and the media to strengthen public participation in government decision-making worldwide.


Providing strategic communications and public awareness campaigns in the former Soviet Union and Baltic States to engage citizens in government and minimize corruption.


Enhancing the quality of education and literacy rates by providing policy advice, teacher training, and high-quality educational materials worldwide

Spearman Welch & Associates (SWA)

A woman owned small business supporting transparent and accountable local governments using integrated financial management combined with citizen -participation to inform and monitor government decision-making.

SUNY/Albany/Center for Legislative Development  (SUNY/CLD)

A leader in designing legislative development strategies and legal frameworks for fragile states and creator of the USAID Legislative Handbook.


A small disadvantaged business developing solutions for policy-makers in planning and expanding access to reliable healthcare.

Foundation for Civil Society (FSC)

Promoting dialogue across national, ethnic, religious, and ideological boundaries to build trust and facilitate negotiations between governments and civil society in post conflict settings.

Other Partners:

C&S Consulting, Rome is a management consulting company based in Rome, Italy  under the direction of Alessandro Costa. The primary activities of C&S  are in the areas of competitiveness, export development, small and medium enterprise development, corporate governance, enabling environment legal and regulatory reform to promote private sector development, and support for joint ventures and foreign direct investment. Clients are commercial companies, Chambers of Commerce, government agencies and bi-lateral and multilateral development organizations.

Millennium Partners collaborated with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) on a Local Government Project, PIDEM (Program Integrado de Desarrollo Municipal,)  that focused on providing grants and technical assistance to  municipal governments in the Central Highlands of Ecuador’s Northern Border.


Millennium Partners worked closely with Transparency International affiliate, the Nigerien Anti-Corruption Association (ANLC), to strengthen civil society efforts and media effectiveness as a means to combat corruption in Niger.


Millennium Partners is forging new partnerships with the University in the fields of global development and rule of law. It recently established a resource partnership with the University’s  School of Law, and is also assisting with the University’s efforts to establish a Global Development Program fro undergraduates.