Millennium Partners and DPI: Rule of Law Partners

Millennium Partners, together with Development Professionals Inc., and its subcontractors, was awarded a the Rule of Law IQC in February 2013 by USAID.

Since the award of the Rule of Law IQC, Millennium has been awarded task orders in Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Kosovo, Moldova and Ethiopia. See Recent Projects for more detail.

Our subcontractors and resource partners include:

National Center for State Courts, Social Solutions, AECOM,BAE, Mazars, Asylum Access, Comisión Andina de Juristas, Human Rights Resource Centre for ASEAN, Human Rights Development Foundation,Informatics, National Organization for Legal Assistance (Tanzania), The Federal Judicial Center, LexisNexis, Tilburg University, University of Utrecht, University of Virginia School of Law, AlfaXP,Global Justice Solution, Civilian Police International, Louis Berger, University of South Carolina, and VERA Institute of Justice.