Contracts and Projects


RULE OF LAW IQC AWARD for Millennium Partners in partnership with Development Professionals Inc (DPI)

In February 2013  Millennium Partners in partnership with DPI  was awarded the Rule of Law IQC by USAID. Since that time, Millennium DPI has won task orders in Sri Lanka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Moldova to implement activities in the areas of access to justice, judicial independence, integrity and capacity building, case management and court reform.

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Sri Lanka: Millennium Partners is conducting a nationwide multi-level survey for the MCC on land and transportation in Sri Lanka

The MCC is conducting an economic analysis of the transport and land sector to better target its planned compact investments in Sri Lanka. Land and Transport have been identified as the major constraints to growth. To deepen its understanding of the political and economic dynamics involved in these sectors, MCC contracted with Millennium Partners to conduct three opinion surveys of the land and transport sector stakeholders at the firm and household levels throughout Sri Lanka. This also includes a survey of Colombo firm and household commuters.  Millennium Partners is working with local firms and a international survey firm to carry out  the surveys.

Tunisian American Enterprise Fund (TAEF) Evaluation:  Millennium Partners in association with Banyan Global conducted an evaluation of the Tunisia Enterprise Fund for USAID.

Millennium Partners conducted a 4 month evaluation that rigorously examined the processes, governance and operational structures that have been established to date under the TAEF-USAID Grant Agreement. This evaluation provides an understanding of the effectiveness of USAID’s TAEF Fund to support small and medium enterprise (SME) development in Tunisia, and lays the groundwork for future evaluations.

East European Enterprise Funds and Legacy Foundations Evaluation for USAID: Millennium Partners conducted a comprehensive five country evaluation for USAID

Under this task order, Millennium Partners, in association with  DevTech, conducted a case study evaluation that focused on five Funds and their corresponding Legacy Foundations in Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union (Ukraine and Moldova). These funds and foundations include:

  • Albanian-American Enterprise Fund & Albanian-American Development Foundation
  • Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund & America for Bulgaria Foundation
  • Hungarian-American Enterprise Fund & Hungarian-American Enterprise Scholarship Fund
  • Romanian-American Enterprise Fund & Romanian-American Foundation
  • Western NIS Enterprise Fund

Conducted over the course of 9 months, the evaluation provided an in depth review of the operations and governance of of these funds and the degree to which the funds and foundations have achieved their mandate of promoting enterprise growth in these countries.

Liberia Data Quality Review: Millennium Partners conducted a Data Quality Review (DQR) for the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) of the energy and transport indicators in the Millennium Challenge Account-Liberia (MCA-L)

From August 2016-February 2017 Millennium Partners conducted a Data Quality Review (DQR) for the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) of the energy and transport indicators in the Millennium Challenge Account-Liberia (MCA-L) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan for the Compact.  Millennium Partners DQR team undertook an in-depth analysis of the MCA-L M&E system, including: assessing the program logics; assessing selected performance indicators; assessing the existing data collection procedures, instruments, and documentation; assessing the capacity of relevant staff to collect and analyze data; and providing recommendations for improvements.

Benin Evaluation:


In early 2013, Millennium Partners was awarded a five year $16 million GSA MOBIS schedule contract for Special Item Number (SIN) 874 to provide technical assistance and management consulting services to agencies within the US government.

Assessment of Access to Justice and Legal Education in Azerbaijan

This was a targeted assessment that focused on the state of legal education and legal aid in Azerbaijan and to make specific programmatic intervention recommendations to US Agency for International Development (USAID) on these two subject areas in rule of law.

Building Recovery and Reform through Democratic Governance

Millennium Partners completed the Building Recovery and Reform through Democratic Governance (BRDG) IQC  with USAID.  This was a a five-year democracy and governance contract with a  $750 million contract ceiling shared among six contractors. The purpose of BRDG was to support good governance in three areas including:

  • Reinforcing legitimacy of state structure, policies, and functions
  • Public management
  • Strategic planning, policy, and institutional reform

Millennium Partners BRDG IQC team included a number of highly specialized firms including: BAE Systems, BroadReach, the Foundation for a Civil Society, Dalberg, International Law Institute, IBM, IREX, PBN, Scholastic, Spearman Welch, SUNY Albany Center for Legislative Development, RMS Associates and TPAA.
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Millennium Partners  was awarded a BRDG IQC prime contract in the full and open competition but then also received the small business set aside under the BRDG IQC. This allows USAID Missions and USAID Washington to access Millennium Partners services on a noncompetitive basis under an exception to fair opportunity under the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Millennium Partners can currently work out under BRDG until November 28, 2011.

Millennium undertook three task order contracts under BRDG including:

Ecuador Local Government Bridge Program ($656,000)
Moldova Governance Threshold Country Program ($14.6 mn)
Niger Governance Threshold Country Program ($4.9 mn)

SEGIR Financial Services (FS) IQC

Millennium Partners Member, Millennium International Consulting is a subcontractor to Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI) under the Strengthening Economic Reform and Institutional Reform (SEGIR) Financial Services (FS) Indefinite Quantity Contract.  The contract was awarded in December 2004 and was extended by five years in June 2009 to June 2014.

Millennium wrote the winning proposal and managed one of the few SEGIR FS task orders awarded to undertake the American University in Bulgaria Financial Assessment.

Millennium is also a subcontractor to BankWorld under its SEGIR FS small business set-aside contract, which means its services can be accessed on a sole source non-competitive basis via BankWorld.

SEGIR Global Business Trade and Investment (GBTI) IQC

Millennium Partners Member, Millennium International Consulting is a subcontractor to Segura-IP3 Partners under the five year Strengthening Economic Reform and Institutional Reform (SEGIR) Global Business Trade and Investment (GBTI) Indefinite Quantity Contract.  The contract was awarded in June 2008 and ends June 2013.  The contract seeks to provide support to develop economic growth programs in a wide range of areas including inter alia small and medium enterprise development as well as trade and investment programs.

Millennium supported the development of the Development Credit Authority task order currently being implemented by Segura-IP3 Partners and also wrote the winning GBTI IQC technical proposal.


Millennium Partners Member, Millennium International Consulting, is a subcontractor to the Louis Berger Group. Millennium has a four-year (April 2008-March 2012) $4.2 mn subcontract with Louis Berger. Tijara, which means prosperity in Arabic, is providing support for the development of small and medium enterprises (SME) in the 18 governorates of Iraq.  There are two main activities of Tijara. First, Tijara provides advice and training support for SME development to Business Development Centers across Iraq. These are closely linked to US military and civilian Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) across Iraq. The second major TIjara activity focuses on providing advice and financial support for micro and small and medium credits through a number of Iraqi banks. Millennium has taken the lead in the SME banking component working with the Iraqi Company for Bank Guarantees and its member banks to provide SME credit through a system of loan guarantees and the Iraqi Company for Financing SMEs, a non-bank financial institution that provides direct lending to SMEs.  Millennium   provides monitoring and evaluation of the entire project. Tijara also provides support to the Government of Iraq for World Trade Organization accession.