Millennium Partners has extensive experience supporting effective, transparent and participatory forms of governance. Since the early 1980s, we have been involved in the work of building democratic governments in countries around the world and have published works on democratic governance and its relation to essential liberties and economic opportunity. Millennium has been promoting good governance and rule of law in a diverse range of countries including Kosovo, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Niger, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Bangladesh.


Millennium Partners and its partner Development Professionals Inc (DPI)  hold a contract under USAID’s Rule of Law IQC. Since the award in 2013, Millennium DPI has been awarded four task orders to carry out legal reforms to increase access to justice and promote judicial effectiveness, independence and fairness. These include:

  • Justice sector strengthening project in Kosovo
  • Judicial capacity building and anti-corruption project in Bosnia
  • Court reorganization and innovative ICMS integration project in Moldova
  • Judicial capacity strengthening, court reform, and access to justice project in Sri Lanka

Building Human Capacity: In all our work we emphasize citizen engagement and gender and ethnic inclusion. Millennium Partners’ main objective is promoting justice as fairness and equity and we measure our impact against this standard. Our work is rooted in the belief that by promoting justice and good governance, economic opportunities and other benefits will follow.


Millennium Partners supports economic growth through innovative and technical know-how, bringing new skills and knowledge to governments, entrepreneurs and private sector groups at all stages of development throughout the world.