Rule of Law and Justice Strengthening Systems

Millennium Partners together with its partner DPI holds a USAID Rule of Law IQC contract to assist USAID promote rule of law in all parts of the globe.

We have justice strengthening projects in Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Kosovo and Moldova. The Millennium DPI Team includes a talented and diverse group of subcontractors and resource partners and covers every area of technical expertise envisioned under the ROL IQC. In addition to the strong track record of Millennium DPI to deliver senior subject matter experts with skills that cover all areas of rule of law and human rights, our subcontractors and resource partners provide extensive in-house institutional resources and great flexibility to recruit experts.

Our subcontractors and resource partners include:

Subcontractors: National Center for State Courts (NCSC),the Louis Berger Group, LexisNexis, AECOM, BAE Systems, Civilian Police International, Global Justice Solutions, KeyPoint, , Mazars, Mendez England, Management and Training Corporation, the National Center for State Courts, Phoenix Global Solutions, and Social Solutions, Inc.

Resource Partners: The Commission of Andean Jurists (Lima, Peru), Asylum Access, Alfa XP, the Federal Judicial Center, Human Rights Resource Center – ASEAN, Informatics Studio, National Organization of Legal Assistance, Tilburg University Law School, the University of Utrecht Law School, the University of Virginia Law School, the University of South Carolina Law School, and the Vera Institute of Justice.

By assembling this diverse and talented team we are able to offer USAID specialized technical services to meet every need under the rule of law.

 Our Approach:  Recognizing that rule of law is necessary to democratic development and equitable economic growth,  our approach is to deliver rapid, flexible, and often innovative assistance to enable host country governments, civil society leaders, and communities to develop the best approaches to improve the delivery, availability, and quality of justice.

Rule of Law Projects:

The Open Justice Project in Moldova: (2017-2019), The Open Justice Project is strengthening the Moldovan judiciary through court efficiency measures and increased access to justice for all members of society. With an exceptional all-Moldovan team comprising justice sector, IT, and communication experts, we are working with Moldovan counterparts to develop cutting edge web based technologies such as an upgraded and system wide ICMS to improve the administration and transparency of justice sector institutions. The project has also developed performance standards, instituted standards for excellence in the courts and was instrumental in operationalizing the Judicial Ethics Commission to be a proactive agent of ethical behavior in the judiciary.

The Justice System Strengthening Program (JSSP) (2015-2019)  JSSP is strengthening the efficiency and effectiveness of the administration of justice, enhancing the accountability and professionalism of justice systems and actors, and supporting the integration of judicial structures in the north of Kosovo.

Justice Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2014-2019)  The Justice Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina is being implemented in partnership with National Center for State Courts and Lucid Linx. We have assembled a team of highly experienced and skilled legal experts to strengthen the capacity of prosecutors to investigate and prosecute corruption, promote integrity measures in the judiciary and strengthen justice sector institutions such as the Office of Disciplinary Counsel to uphold ethical standards and combat corruption.   The implementation of the Justice Activity is being led by highly capable Bosnian nationals working closely with their government counterparts such as the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council, and  ministries of justice and the courts.

Sri Lanka: Civil Society Initiatives to Support the Rule of Law in Sri Lanka (CSI.ROL) (2013-2017)  CSI.ROL was a civil society strengthening program to promote rule of law in Sri Lanka by building the capacity of civil society actors to advocate effectively for justice reforms and access to justice.  The program also worked with the  Ministry of Justice to improve  court administration, and enhance the legal knowledge and skills of justice sector personnel, particularly judges and lawyers. The program was very active in supporting five legal aid NGOs and the Legal Aid Commission of Sri Lanka to expand access to justice for marginalized and vulnerable populations. A primary focus of  these interventions was raising awareness of gender based violence and securing the rights and remedies available to women.

Benin Performance Evaluation, 2015: Millennium Partners  undertook a final performance evaluation of the Millennium Challenge Account’s Access to Justice Project (A2J) of the Benin Compact in November 2014. This report is providing guidance for donors who are planning justice sector interventions, by highlighting those areas that would most benefit from donor investments.

Bangladesh  Millennium conducted a Rule of Law assessment to identify and analyze the primary challenges and opportunities for advancing rule of law in Bangladesh, outlined strategic approaches for USAID programming, and recommended programmatic options.

Moldova MCC programMillennium Partners provided training for judges and staff, developed pilot courts, automated court administration through ICMS, developed reference guides to improve judicial administration, strengthened the legal and regulatory basis for judicial administration, produced a Code of Ethics and sentencing guidelines, and strengthened enforcement of judgments and renovated courts to make them more citizen accessible and eliminate opportunities for corruption.

Niger In this MCC/USAID project, Millennium increased oversight procedures in Ministry of Justice, and strengthened legislation affecting citizen access to rights, land, and business opportunities. Millennium worked with Civil Society, the local chapter of Transparency International, and  journalists to raise awareness of rights and the anticorruption efforts of the government.

Azerbaijan Millennium provided an assessment of a USAID Access to Justice and Legal Education project in Azerbaijan, which analyzed the primary constraints and opportunities for advancing access to justice in Azerbaijan by increasing human rights defenders and legal services.